A pair of Krychowiak-Linetta? Some misery and despair

Jacek Laskowski said today about the Polish national team that he looks like a boy for his first date. “Smile in front, mystery within and fear behind.” Well, if the middle was a secret – rather an open secret – then today we have learned in a painful way everything that the collision with the Netherlands allowed us. We already know that at the Qatari ball a pair of midfielders consisting of Grzegorz Krychowiak and Karol Linetti will not conquer the dance floor. He comes in for a while at most, turns around at the third number and comes out.

Colourless, free, passive, predictable, sometimes like a charcoal cart. Packed, perfect for winter, but we don’t want it on the field. And yet – we had to see how weak we are in the middle of the field compared to the Netherlands. How Linetty and Krychowiak signaled that it is simply impossible to base this critical stance on them.

Krychowiak and Linetti’s weakness hit the eyes

At the moment we are just in a bad position for central midfielders. Everyone knew there was nothing to cheat before the first whistle. Today’s game, however, only emphasized this issue. Our players hid when they played the ball from behind, or made easy losses, or counterattacked with a drawn hand. In a word, they failed. Especially in the first half, when it was possible to distinguish one above-average move of Krychowiak – receiving and executing the action with a short pass under pressure.

In general, good accents could be counted on the fingers of one hand throughout the match, including Krychowiak and Linetti. Especially the latter gave no arguments that it is worth betting on him in the context of playing at a major tournament. Yes, at Euro 2020 he scored a goal against Slovakia and under Paulo Sousa generally managed to level up in a few games. But that’s only a fraction. A part of the 42 encounters, of which the Netherlands was also one, not so much colorless, but very miserable. We would count too many of them. Anyone who regularly follows the actions of the Polish staff knows this all too well. Unfortunately.

Krychowiak, on the other hand, must learn that football in the national team is not about hitting the ball in Saudi Arabia. Today three paces slower than the rest, not to mention a brutal comparison to Zieliński. Currently, they are two completely different galaxies, of course in favor of the Napoli player who certainly struggles with such midfielders. “Zielu” will never say that, he’s a classy man just like Robert Lewandowski, but that’s the reality.

In the middle of the field, we can count not only on Zieliński .’s flashes

Of course, from this criticism of the functioning of the midfield we exclude the figure of Piotr Zieliński, who played a good game. But he who acts as “nozzle” is not and probably will not be our disadvantage. People play behind his back under a “pass” sign, and it’s a shame – we’ll probably repeat it often – that Jakub Moder was out due to a serious injury. That Bielik is in fragile health, that Klich is not the same Klich with the top of form in the UK. And so on.

If it looks like this in the match against Argentina at the World Cup in Qatar… No, not only that we can’t count on anything, but we can still win quickly, but also a return flight to Warsaw. In fact, even Mexico can push it away from us, if the image of the center of the field, as we saw today, does not change significantly into a plus in a month and a half.


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