He was the defender of Azovstal. His photo went around the world. This is what it looks like after months of Russian captivity

On Wednesday there was an exchange of prisoners of war between Russia and Ukraine. 215 Ukrainian soldiers returned to the country, including defenders from Azovstal. Among them Mykhailo Dianov, famous in the world for his iconic photo taken by Dmytro “Orest” of Cossacks, known as “the eyes of Azovstal”. Kozak also returned from Russian captivity the day before yesterday.

Mychajło Dianow – Dmytro Kozacki / Press materials

Although the photo, taken in the basement of the steel mill that had been under fire for months, did not show Dianov in good condition, the photos taken after his release from Russian captivity are frightening.

The photos were published on her profile by the Ukrainian journalist and co-organizer of the project “National Hero of Ukraine” Wioletta Kirtoka. “The price of slavery. And a striking example of the ‘humanity’ of the enemy. The hand of Mykhail Dianov, defender of Azovstal, who was released on September 21 after four months of captivity,” she wrote. “It’s not just that the injured hand hasn’t healed. It’s missing 4 cm of bone. Treatment and recovery will of course take a long time,” he emphasizes.

“When I saw the photo, it was physically injured. What these steadfast people have been through… Now they need help. Financial. Moral. Social. Medical” – emphasizes Kirtoka.

In one of the published photos, she gave the bank details of Mykhailo’s sister. You can transfer money to her account for the treatment and rehabilitation of a man. You can also deposit money via this link.

A journalist from the 20minut.ua portal asked about the health of Dianov, his brother-in-law immediately after his release. As he said, in addition to problems with his right hand, he also has serious gunshot wounds to his legs.

As Dianova’s sister, Olena, told journalists about “Ukrainian Pravda. Zyttia”, according to doctors, it is currently impossible to carry out her brother’s operation. – He has to arrive first. This is essential because his physical condition does not allow him to undergo surgery. It could be dangerous for him. That is why the brother now needs to recover, regain strength – she said.

Some of the detainees released from Russian captivity have been brutally tortured, General Kyryło Budanov, head of Ukraine’s military intelligence (HUR) said Thursday.

The prisoners released from captivity are in different circumstances: there are people who are in more or less good physical condition, apart from the effects of malnutrition – Budanow said at a briefing. Among those released are those who have been subjected to “very cruel torture”; the percentage of such people is high – added the head of HUR. Some of the freedmen remain in hospital.

The POWs were held both on Ukrainian territory temporarily occupied by Russian troops and in Russia.

The head of the office (administration) of the President of Ukraine, Andriy Yermak, said that as a result of the POW exchange agreed by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, 215 Ukrainian defenders were released from Russian captivity.

Budanov stressed that this is the biggest replacement since the start of a full-scale invasion. He noted that the phases of the operation took place in four countries: Ukraine, Poland, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, the agency Ukrinform writes.

Among the Ukrainian army, which was replaced by 55 Russian soldiers and a pro-Russian politician, and at the same time President Vladimir Putin’s kuma, Viktor Medvedchuk, were the defenders of Mariupol, including the famous nurse “Ptaszyn” Kateryna Poliszczuk and doctor Marian Mamonova. , who is in an advanced pregnancy.

(Sources: 20minut.ua, Facebook, PAP)

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