How England beat Germany and won Euro 2022

Rory Smith

Those last nine minutes, the final struggle of a wait that stretches back 56 years, stretched further and further into the distance. England’s players gathered the last drops of energy in their exhausted bodies and released them all, not to make something happen, but to make sure that something didn’t happen.

England’s fans, meanwhile, the approximately 87,000 people at Wembley, whistled and sang and made as much noise as possible, looking for some displacement activity to make the time pass just a little faster, to make it a little more bearable. They waited, and they waited, and then it was finally over. England was finally champion of Europe. England was finally champion of something,

It hadn’t been particularly pretty in the end, but the goal that finally ended Germany’s dogged resistance clambered in on the third time Chloe Kelly asked deep into extra time, the decisive act of a European Championship final that split between physical and had been loaded. and sometimes brutal.

Not that anyone cared, of course, and not that they should. All that mattered was that moment, a moment that has not escaped any English football team since 1966 and has never been awarded to an English women’s football team. England has its crown, and with it the knowledge that – as the song says – football has finally come home.

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