How much can you earn at the cash register in Biedronka and other stores? We know the amounts

In commercial “chain stores” you can rarely meet Cash deskwhose only job is it? read barcodes and accept payments for selling products. “Earnings at the cash register” – as we read on the portal – it often involves people with a much wider scope of responsibilities.

for the job Shop assistant in stores Ladybird the Lidl among others: transporting goods from the warehouse with a trolley and placing them on the shelves, updating and checking prices on the shelves, helping customers with self-service checkouts, ensuring cleanliness – also of floors, maintenance of the baking stand.

What can you charge in exchange for? In addition to the periodic increases in bonuses, you can also add social bonuses to your salary. The fewer absences and L4, the greater the chance of a monetary reward. It’s also common for employees who were initially hired as cashiers to then climb the career ladder and become deputy manager or himself. And that includes it raise the salary.

W Ladybird you can earn money as a shop assistant or cashier from PLN 3,400 to PLN 3940. The clerk cashier has more responsibilities. Here the wages are within limits from PLN 3.460 to PLN 4090. All amounts are gross. “Głos Koszaliński” reports that the rates already include base salary, attendance fee and monthly bonus. The latter is subject to budget implementation and operational procedures.

In addition, Biedronka . offers allowances for overtime and night work. The costs for washing the work clothes are also reimbursed. in 2021 the annual price was PLN 2,500 gross. After one year of work and three subsequent years, the network ensures internship increases. Employees can also count on promotional e-codes or vouchers twice a year.

Lidl – just like Biedronka – makes the earnings of its employees mainly dependent on the internship and the scope of the tasks. At the start of a career path in this network you can from PLN 3,750 to PLN 4,600 monthly. A full year of work guarantees an increase from PLN 100 to PLN 200. After the next twelve months, earnings will increase by PLN 250. In the latter case, sellers receive for their work PLN 5050 gross.

Salary may vary depending on where the store is located (e.g. size of the city) and what prevails there maintenance costs. Payouts include base salary and attendance bonus. Costs for washing and using work clothes are reimbursed.

In the case of shops Frog there are no strict guidelines for a salesperson’s monthly salary. The network works in the form of partnerships with entrepreneurs who run outlets on a franchise basis. New employees have to negotiate with the franchisees about working hours, schedule and tasks. A contract is only concluded after an agreement has been reached. As can be seen from the relations of employees working in Żabka as cashier-seller, an employment contract is quite rareand the initial rates are set at the minimum wage level.

This year the lowest salary has been determined in the amount 3010 PLN grosswhat you convert to net worth of PLN 2,363 (taking into account the Polish Order). This gives 19 zloty and 70 cents gross per hour (13 zloty and 91 groszy net), with obligations that include almost everything – opening and closing the store, customer service, taking deliveries, putting out goods and ensuring the cleanliness of the back and the store.

Start working aldic sellers will receive compensation of . in 2022 from PLN 3410 to PLN 4010 gross monthly. With at least three years of experience in this position, you can earn PLN 400 gross more. Get warehouse workers with no experience 3810 PLN monthly. He gets the largest transfer on his account for his work manager. Even a novice in this role will receive monthly between PLN 5615 and PLN 6415. All these gross amounts include the value of the prepaid card.

New employees at Aldi do not have a probationary period. In addition, the company offers them private medical care (for both the employee and his family), life insurance and sports and entertainment packages. The network also offers training that is adapted to the position and aimed at the development of its employees.

Carrefour offers its employees a minimum wage of 3010 PLN gross, yielding PLN 2364 net (as of 2022). What can attract people who want to continue their professional career with a French retail chain? fringe benefits. They include private medical care, accident insurance, favorable offers for online shopping, a leisure package, as well as layettes for new parents, subsidies for children’s holidays and vouchers for the holidays.

At the checkout in Netif the employee has obtained attendance bonushis salary at zero seniority is set at from PLN 3,200 to PLN 3,900 gross. The cashier receives the allowance for the period worked after one, three and five years. If someone wants to earn more, he can apply for a promotion. Managers can also count on a performance bonus – in the capital, the salary starts with it from PLN 6.200 gross. His deputy will earn 1700 PLN less.

According to, the monthly salary for the function of room attendant in auchan is on average about PLN 3,000 (exactly PLN 2936). In turn, the Puls HR portal informs that the cashier of this network can earn money in the beginning from PLN 3,210 to PLN 3860 grosswhere the rate is determined by the location of the store and several other factors.

And so, in Konstancin-Jeziorna, the salary for the cashier-seller is within the limits 3510-3860 PLNand in the case of warehousemen working in Gdynia, wages are from PLN 3240 to PLN 3490 gross. In Zielonka, someone who works in the same position earns PLN 3,530 to even PLN 3,780. Auchan also offers employees discounts on purchases of five percent and meals for five zloty.

Kaufland on its website, it informed at the beginning of 2022 about an increase in wages compared to last year, amounting to 400 PLN. After this increase, effective March 1, 2022, persons acting as cashier-seller will receive compensation of up to PLN 4,500 gross.

“In addition to the salary increase, we have also decided increase the number of holiday voucherswhat employees receive from the employer on the occasion of Christmas and Easter. This change affects the vast majority of workers,” Małgorzata Ławnik, director of the Human Resources Department of Kaufland Polska, told

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