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Vadimir Putin’s decree, which presents the main assumptions of partial mobilization, is missing point 7. According to independent Russian portals, this secret point tells about the possible number of recruits. Sergei Shoigu said shortly after the announced mobilization that 300,000 people would be involved. Russians.

On Thursday, the Nowaja Gazeta Europa website reported that the number provided by the defense minister had been corrected several times, eventually set at one million recruits.

These reports were denied by Dmitry Peskov. “It’s a lie,” said a Kremlin spokesman, quoted by Interfax.

Military mobilization in Russia. The number of recruits can reach 1.2 million people

On the other hand, the Meduza portal found that the number of recruits may be even greater. According to sources close to one of the federal ministries, the Russian government plans to call 1.2 million people for partial mobilization.

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In addition, a source in the Moscow city administration told the portal that up to 16,000 people would be recruited for conscription. Moscow residents. This information was confirmed by sources close to one of the Russian federal ministries. The Petersburg authorities plan to consume about 3.2 thousand. people.

A ministerial source noted that authorities “recommend that recruitment be kept to a minimum” in regional capitals. Instead, the government is taking in people “in rural areas where there is no media, no opposition and more support”. [dla wojny]”.

Mass military mobilization is underway. The Russians protest

On Wednesday, the first calls for military service came in among the residents of Russia. After the decree was announced, there were protests in the largest cities. Russian services arrested people who opposed Putin’s decision. According to the independent OVD Info portal, more than 1,340 people were detained in 38 cities in Russia – most of them in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

A criminal case has already been started for at least 20 people. Men called up for service must participate in the invasion of Ukraine. The organization “Spring” and the supporters of Alexei Navalny called for resistance to the mobilization.

Recall that on September 20, the State Duma approved the amendment to the penal code. Two key terms appear in the changes: “mobilization” and “martial law”. The Russians can go to prison for insubordination towards the state.

Military mobilization. The summons reached the Crimean Tatars

Tamila Tasheva, the representative of the president of Ukraine in Crimea, said 80 percent. calls for mobilization in occupied Crimea went to the Crimean Tatars. In places of Crimea where the Tatars live closely, the summonses are delivered directly to the addressees.

There are cases of mobilization in the workplace. In Zuja, several male teachers were summoned, and in Bakhchisaraj – health workers. Often after a subpoena was issued, the person was forcibly put on the bus and then delivered to military headquarters. The age of people being hired is 18-50 years old, regardless of their health status.

– The representative office receives dozens of calls from activists, ordinary citizens, informing us about the situation in Crimea cities. For now it is possible to leave the peninsula, but it is quite limited. The Kerch Bridge now has many checkpoints. Russia has prepared two methods for the Crimean Tatars: on the one hand, physical destruction in the war, and on the other, deportation of people disloyal to Russia, Tasheva informed.

Tasheva says this is a demonstration on the part of the occupation authorities and the Kremlin of punishing Crimean Tatars who have not supported the occupation all these years.

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