ME U20: Poland’s defeat to Italy at the end of the group stage

The Polish volleyball team lost to Italy in the final match of the group stage of the UEFA European Under-20 Championship 0:3 (18:25, 24:26, 14:25). Biało-Czerwoni took second place in the group and advanced to the knockout stage.

The first set did not go well for the Polish players. Volleyball players from the Apennine Peninsula jumped back to their opponents at the start of the match. At one point, the Italians were leading by eight points (12:4). The Poles tried to make up for the losses, but their opponents had no intention of relinquishing the advantage gained. The Polish representatives played well with the bloc. In the first set they managed to take four points this way. However, this was not enough to stop the successful Italian attackers. The Poles lost the first set with 18:25.

The second part of this match was definitely more even. None of the teams managed to gain a major advantage. The game was played point by point. Until the end of the set, it was not known which team would take the win on their side. Unfortunately for Mateusz Gdabda’s accusations, the Italians turned out to be better again. The Polish team had problems with the services of players from the Apennines, who served three aces in the second set. This part of the match ended with the score 26:24 for Italians.

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In the last game, Italian volleyball players again dominated the field. Luca Porro in particular did well and scored more points for his team without any problems. The Poles could not find an answer to the game of their rivals. The Italians made merciless use of all the mistakes of White and Red, winning this set with 25:14.

Due to this defeat, the Italians finished the first leg of the tournament in the lead in group 1. Biało-Czerwoni took second place. Thus, both teams secured their promotion to the knockout stage of the championship.

Poland – Italy 0:3 (18:25, 24:26, 14:25)

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