Russia. Partial mobilization. Mykoła Kniażycki and General Mieczysław Bieniek comment on Putin’s decision

Russian President Vladimir Putin felt a clear disdain from the leaders of other countries, who kept him waiting for himself at the summit in Uzbekistan. He came to the conclusion that he had to take a hard step – said General Mieczysław Bieniek in “Kropka nad i”, referring to the decision to partially mobilize in Russia. Mykola Knyazhsky, a deputy of Ukraine’s Supreme Council, said the Russian leader was currently “fighting not for Russia’s security, but for its power”.

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the introduction of partial mobilization in the country. Defense Minister Sergei Shoygu said 300,000 reservists should bolster Russian and separatist forces in southern and eastern Ukraine. Following this announcement, Russian citizens who are conscripted are trying to flee the country.

Former NATO Deputy Commander for Transformation, General Mieczysław Bieniek and Mykola Kniażycki, deputy to the Supreme Council of Ukraine, commented on the issue in Thursday’s “Kropka nad i”.

General Bieniek: Putin felt a clear contempt

In the opinion of General Bieniek, Putin has “thought about it for a long time”. – His hardliners convinced him. After the summit in Samarkand, where he perceived a clear disdain for the leaders of other countries, such as India and Turkey, where they kept him waiting for each other, he concluded that he had to take a difficult step, he said.

Vladimir Putin awaiting Prime Minister of India Narendra ModiPAP/EPA/SERGEI BOBYLEV/SPUTNIK/KREMLIN

– Mobilizing 300,000 (…) is not such a simple process. In this administrative and logistical mess and massive corruption that characterizes the Russian Federation, this process will continue. These people need to be engaged, they need to be identified by specialty, referred to recruitment and training centers, equipped and trained – he said.

As he added, the Russian authorities “assume that these are identified reserves, an active mobilization reserve, that is, those who had military service behind them.” – The active reserve should be trained every 2-3 years, but (…) they trained an average of 5 to 6 thousand reservists per year. So how many of these can be trained? asked General Bieniek.

– These reservists will not only be used to form new units, they will mainly be used to replenish combat losses in those units currently at the front. I estimate this process will take 2 to 3 months unless they throw them out unprepared to fight after a month of training – said the TVN24 guest.

In his opinion, “With this act, Putin has shown that he wants to escalate, but at the same time it can turn against him.”

‘Putin is not fighting for Russia’s security, but for his power’

Mykola Kniażycki said Putin’s decision “is a response to the success of Ukraine’s counter-offensive”. What Putin is doing now is not partial mobilization, it is really total mobilization. (…) “Partly” is only in the name of this law, nothing is said about it in the text of the law – he emphasized.

Kniażycki: Putin is not fighting for Russia’s security, but for his powerTVN24

– They recruit for the army not only people with some experience, but also young people after school. Of course, Putin is not fighting for Russia’s security, but for his power and future, not to fall under the tribunal, he said.

According to the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, the involvement of additional Russian troops in the war will be a major challenge for the Ukrainian army. “That’s why we need help and support from our allies,” Kniażycki said.

‘I hope Putin puts an end to this too’

– Putin defends himself. Russian society is increasingly seeing what is happening. Coffins, that is, this Gruz-200 will return to the country – said the general, adding that the Russians in Ukraine lost about 100,000 soldiers (dead and wounded) beyond repair. – It cannot be hidden – he pointed out.

He added that it was unclear who was in charge of Russia’s actions in Ukraine. Putin is probably leading the way. There is an analogy with 43. Hitler was the head of the armed forces, the head of the NSDAP, the commander of the Eastern and Western Fronts, even the commander of individual armies. Ultimately, he commanded non-existent armies from his bunker. I hope Putin puts an end to this too, said General Bieniek.

‘Now Russian society is unable to protest effectively’

Mykola Kniażycki was asked whether Western states should accept refugees from Russia who do not want to leave their country because they do not want to undergo mobilization. – It’s a decision of each country. There are countries like the Baltic states that are already saying they will not take these refugees, and I can see why. These are people, among whom there are many agents or people who could be dangerous to these countries – he said.

The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada said he was counting on demonstrations of resistance to mobilization in Russia. – They are trying to do, but I think that Russian society is now incapable of effective protests – he judged. However, he added that “when these soldiers are destroyed by the Ukrainian army, some of them may be ready to revolt.”

Putin announced mobilization.  The Russians took to the streets

Putin announced mobilization. The Russians took to the streets Reuters


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