snails. Falubaz took a huge risk. This can affect the end result

Max Fricke, despite his thumb injury, declared that he would play in Saturday’s eWinner 1 LŻ final. The problem, however, is that the injury appears serious and Falubaz’s training staff are unprepared for this player’s potential problems.

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Max Fricke in a yellow helmet

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On Thursday, the Australian’s manager, Tomasz Gaszyński, assured us that the final decision on the competitor’s start in Saturday’s final would not be made until Saturday. – We are optimists because speedway riders are people made of a different clay and very resistant to pain. The situation is serious, but Max Fricke is doing everything he can to help Stelmet Falubaz Zielona Góra – admitted Gaszyński.

The competitor was constantly undergoing treatments and discussed his progress with doctors, but in fact no one can 100% estimate whether a competitor with a damaged thumb will be able to maintain and ride the motorcycle at normal levels on Saturday. However, the tactical setting means Falubaz could be completely helpless without him and struggle to make up for a 10-point loss from the first final match. All because of placing Fricke at number thirteen, meaning this rider will ride with a junior twice in the mid-stage of the competition.

– Such a decision is very risky and it is not even a question of whether the competitor starts, but whether he gets injured during the race or whether he starts riding weaker than usual. Both options are very likely and Falubaz is not prepared for them. Of course, the Australian could be replaced by Mateusz Tonder, but in this case he faces an extremely difficult task – admits former Apator manager Jacek Gajewski.

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In his opinion, it would be much safer to field Rohan Tungate with number 13, as this player seems much more confident in the context of Saturday’s game. Fricke, put in place, would have a much easier task as the match would start with a pair with Piotr Protasiewicz, and then he would back the fast Jan Kvech twice and only at the end would he go with a junior. Even with health issues, the replacement would be a little easier and the couple’s partners would be up to the task.

– The magnitude of the difficulties is best confirmed by the fact that if during the match Fricke’s injury proved too painful, Tonder would replace him in the third series and he would have to compete with the pair of Tobiasz Musielak – Mateusz Szczepaniak, with Maksym Borowiak on his side. A possible aggravation of the injury during the match is quite possible, because it is not only about the difficult surface, but also a possible fall. No one wants him to do that, but such a situation has to be taken into account, adds Gajewski.

An interesting fact is the behavior of the training staff of Cellfast Wilków Krosno, who, due to the problems of the rival leader, did not put Tobiasz Musielak in the squad. This may be recorded in the minutes on match day for one of the pair Rafał Karczmarz – Miłosz Grygolec. Will this maneuver bring the citizens of Krosno closer to victory?

– Frankly, I don’t quite understand the intentions of such behavior. Staff of Wolves were the first to quote the lineup and may have wanted some leeway in case Fricke was absent. The start of the match can be important, so I think Musielak is more likely to come on the field with number two. However, I don’t think it will have an impact on the outcome of the race, as Musielak has not been in such good shape lately that the starting number would play a key role – adds Gajewski.

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