The United States begins the process to expel Russia from the United Nations

The project would call for action from the President of the United States of America, Joe Biden. It is the American leader who would begin the process of permanent removal of the Russian Federation, not only from the UN Security Council, but also completely from the Organization, at the United Nations forum. Republican Congressman Brian … Read more

Bierzyński publishes an old photo of Duda and Ławrów. Shameful fake news from the journalist “Wyborcza”

A UN summit is being held in New York, which focused on the Russo-Ukrainian war. During Tuesday’s debate, President Duda convinced the public that Russia poses a threat not only to Ukraine, but to the entire world. – This war, which has been going on for seven months, the war caused by the Russian invasion, … Read more

Lavrov accused Ukraine of totalitarianism during UN Security Council session

The UN Security Council met on Thursday in a special meeting. The Russian delegation led by Sergei Lavrov also took part in the meeting. Lavrov leaves the room During his speech, Lavrov repeated the Kremlin’s message that had been spreading Russian propaganda for months. – We have a lot of evidence of the criminal activities … Read more