The sabotage against the Nord Stream could have been carried out by Spetsnaz

The Madrid daily La Razon believes that Russia probably used the soldiers of its special forces Spetsnaz to sabotage the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines. Let us remind you that the Ukrainian side formulated such a statement very soon after the information about the leaks. According to the Spanish daily, the main suspect … Read more

Putin will use nuclear weapons? US intelligence findings

While the findings of the US services indicate that Russian President Vladimir Putin will not risk unleashing nuclear war, he may decide to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine. US intelligence is stepping up its activities – reports the Politico website. twitter Because, as Bryan Bender describes, Washington fears that the first signs of an attack … Read more

Employees of Leroy Merlin Ukraine can not ask about the war?

The Association of Retailers of Ukraine (RAU) informs, based on data from an informant quoted on Borgexpert’s website, about the disturbing activities of the Ukrainian branches of hardware store chain Leroy Merlin. Fired at Leroy Merlin According to the organization, the stores are in talks with employees about their future in the company. “Only those … Read more

Bierzyński publishes an old photo of Duda and Ławrów. Shameful fake news from the journalist “Wyborcza”

A UN summit is being held in New York, which focused on the Russo-Ukrainian war. During Tuesday’s debate, President Duda convinced the public that Russia poses a threat not only to Ukraine, but to the entire world. – This war, which has been going on for seven months, the war caused by the Russian invasion, … Read more