End of Sky satellite dishes mounting installation streaming services

Recently, Sky has focused on selling its broadband internet access service Sky Broadband, as well as selling Sky Glass streaming TV sets. It is difficult to find information about the satellite offering on the digital platform’s website. The operator launched sales in 1989. At that time, Astra, as Sky Television, offered four encrypted analog channels. … Read more

Unions want trade to be restored on Sunday, but at higher wages

Digital terrestrial television no TVN Polsat DVB-T2 / HEVC multiplex signal

The transition to DVB-T2/HEVC was underway in Poland from late March to late June. It included: MUX-1 (TVP ABC, Eska TV, Polo TV, Stopklatka, Antena HD, TV Trwam, Fokus TV), MUX-2 (TVN, TVN7, Polsat, Super Polsat, TV4, TV6, TV Puls, Puls 2 ) and MUX-4 (Events24). In the old standard, however, MUX-3 (TVP1 HD, TVP2 … Read more

Hospitals, schools and administration with cheaper energy