The Recorder – Kate Bush Fans Celebrate The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever in Greenfield

Published: 7/31-2022 11:51:45 PM

Changed: 7/31/22 10:48:35 PM

GREENFIELD — While people around the world were inspired by Kate Bush’s music, a group of fans gathered in Energy Park on Saturday to celebrate her work.

July 30, the British singer-songwriter’s birthday, is an international day called The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever. Fans gather in select cities to perform the dance from Bush’s 1978 music video for “Wuthering Heights,” in which she wears all red.

Some in the crowd at Energy Park have been doing Bush’s fluid dance moves since 1978; others learned the dance on Saturdays.

“I was 18 years old when the video first came out. I’ve been doing the dance since I first saw it,” said Juniper Talbot, a West Cummington dancer. She performed the dance on stage while others in the crowd rehearsed.

The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever was started in 2013 by the group Shambush in Brighton UK where they attempted to break the world record for most people dressing up as Bush in one place. Since 2013, the event has expanded around the world. This year, approximately 45 official approved events will take place in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and North America.

Ryan Stratton, who recently moved to Greenfield, came to Energy Park on Saturday to experience his new city.

“I first saw the video during my freshman year of college in 2007,” he noted.

Claira Guidaboni, a student at Turners Falls High School, first saw Bush’s video during COVID-19 lockdowns. As soon as she saw the video, she learned the dance by heart by playing it on her television screen.

“I thought if everyone heard the song on ‘Stranger Things,’ all the teenagers would come,” Guidaboni said. Kate Bush is experiencing a resurgence in popularity thanks to TikTok and the hit Netflix show with her song ‘Running Up That Hill’.

While Saturday’s event attracted more dancers than Greenfield’s 2019 celebrations, which together numbered about 100 people, the majority of the audience was made up of older women.

“Kate Bush’s revival is a win for the mad,” said Kelly Drew, a dancer from Greenfield. Most of the dancers in attendance wore Bush-inspired red outfits, but Drew went all out in her costume by wearing a flower that Bush sees in the video, plus green eyeshadow and bright red lipstick, mimicking Bush’s look.

Talbot explained that Bush has never played a concert in America, so events like the one at Energy Park serve as an opportunity for her fans to “gather and applaud what she’s given us.”

The event raised enough money to rent Energy Park for the day, plus an additional $250 that will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

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