The United States has warned Russia “privately” for months about the consequences of using nuclear weapons | News from the world

It is not known how long and exactly what warnings the US side sent Russia. One of the officials quoted by The Washington Post believes the messages to the Kremlin were sent by the State Department. According to informants, the Joe Biden government relied heavily on intelligence channels to pass sensitive information to Moscow.

The warnings – as “WaPo” writes – had to be deliberately vague so that the Kremlin would fear Washington’s response. This is a strategy known as: policy of intentional ambiguity, that is, a policy of deliberate ambiguity. Rafał Kopeć, in “Nuclear Strategies in the Post-Cold War Period,” quotes William Cohen, Secretary of Defense in Bill Clinton’s administration, as explaining in November 1998 that “the ambiguity contained in the issue of nuclear weapons threatens the security of the state, creating a potential adversary given the use of chemical weapons or biological uncertainty about the response of the United States.

Putin threatens to use nuclear weapons. Blinken: Threats to Russia must stop immediately

Reports of the warnings came when Vladimir Putin threatened to use nuclear weapons again. – I would like to remind (…) that our country has several means of destruction, some of which are more modern than those available to NATO. If the territorial integrity of our state is threatened, we will certainly use all available means to defend Russia and our citizens, the Russian president said during his speech on Wednesday.

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During his speech, Vadimir Putin accused the West of nuclear blackmail. He also said he was determined to use weapons of mass destruction. – It’s not a bluff. Those who try to blackmail us with nuclear weapons should know that the wind direction can change to their disadvantage, he said.

US officials emphasize that this is not the first time that Wadimir has threatened Putin with the use of nuclear weapons. The United States has repeatedly tried, including in public statements, to prevent Russia from using nuclear weapons. The warnings sent directly to the Kremlin were intended to reinforce the messages to the public.

At the UN summit, Antony Blinken said that “Russia’s reckless nuclear threats must stop immediately.” The US Secretary of State also called the Russian mobilization and pseudo-referenda in eastern Ukraine “throwing oil into the fire”.

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Joe Biden: The US Doesn’t Allow The Use Of Nuclear Weapons

At the UN summit, Joe Biden denounced Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent threats about the use of nuclear weapons. He announced that the United States would not allow its use. Regardless of what else is happening in the world, the United States is poised to take major arms control actions. There will be no winners in a nuclear war. It can never be turned around – he added.

The US leader also called on the international community to contribute more closely to arms control efforts. Joe Biden referred to both the threat from Russia and Iran’s nuclear program.

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