Ukrainian army says another Russian storage depot in Kherson has been destroyed

Ukrainian officials say another long-range attack on a Russian warehouse in the Kherson region has caused significant damage.

Serhii Khlan, adviser to the head of Kherson’s civilian military administration, said on Ukrainian television that “another depot of ammunition and military equipment brought by the enemy of Crimea was destroyed on the outskirts of Skadovsk yesterday. “

Skadovsk is located on the Black Sea coast, about 80 kilometers from the nearest Ukrainian front line. A target was hit there last week.

Khlan said, “The turning point in military operations toward Kherson happened more than two weeks ago — thanks to HIMARS, which caused us to start taking out depots in the enemy’s rear positions.”

He said that in Skadovsk there was “a large amount of fuel and lubricants and technical equipment, which they are now driving from Crimea to repair the logistical arteries damaged by our armed forces.”

A video posted on social media Saturday night showed a large and ongoing fire in the region, according to the community’s Telegram channels, but could not be located exactly.

“From the evening to the morning there was such a flame, and according to the locals, they had never seen such a flame,” Khlan said.

Fighting continues along Kherson’s northern borders, where Ukrainian forces have made moderate progress against entrenched Russian defenses.

Dmytro Butriy, temporary acting head of the Kherson region’s military administration, said 46 settlements had been looted as a result of the fighting, in an area of ​​small villages and rolling farmland.

“There are villages that are practically 90% destroyed,” he said. “They are still constantly being shelled, the lion’s share of the population has left there. But in some settlements people remain.”

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