Volvo left in a Belgian showroom. They’ve been there for 30 years

The abandoned Volvo cars became famous thanks to internet users who found the find on their way to Spa-Francorchamps and then shared their photos on the internet. The mysterious building next to a non-functioning gas station and filled with old Volvo cars quickly piqued the interest of car enthusiasts. Thanks to their joint efforts, more light could be shed on the matter.

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As reported by the portal “Thedrive”, citing social media posts, the abandoned building housed an authorized Volvo showroom managed by one Charles Faymonville.

A Facebook user, Paul Drury, explained in a post about the case that he had spoken to locals who: they claimed the salon was closed due to financial difficulties. I don’t know why, but nobody auctioned the cars parked inside.

Abandoned Volvo

It’s worth noting that the old 240 series aren’t the only ones left in the showroom. Right in front of the building because there are newer 850s. From the photos that internet users have found, it appears that there were many more cars in the parking lot a few years ago. Apparently they were taken by the salon owner’s son. You can read this information in the comments on Flickr.

It is possible that the remaining units will eventually suffer a similar fate. Especially now that things have gotten louder.

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