Weapon without ammunition. Only the Polish national team can hold Lewandowski . stop

As a little boy I sometimes wondered what the best football players in the world would look like if they played in perfectly average clubs. Later – what Lionel Messi would look like in Ekstraklasa. And I have the impression that some of these thoughts come back when I look at Robert Lewandowski in the Polish national team.

Even the best shotgun in the world will become useless if it is not supplied with ammunition. Our weapon – arguably the best in the entire football world – is Robert Lewandowski. But what about that, because in the first half our striker was unable to make any contact with the ball in the opponent’s penalty area.

A few frames from the start of the game showed perfectly that our team – today set to two “tens” with Sebastian Szymański and Piotr Zieliński – is totally uncooperative with its captain.

Before the Orange scored Lewandowski’s goal, one could only remember the speed duel in which he was blocked by the Dutch defender. Later, when the Netherlands took the lead, “Biało-Czerwoni” started holding the ball longer, but after a long exchange of passes at an important moment Zieliński passed to “Lewy” when he was already offside. The discouraged captain didn’t even come by.

After a while we got the chance to come out with a four against five counter, Lewandowski moved forward, but his colleagues slowed down the action. When “Lewy”, again lonely, moved forward on the right, taking advantage of Daley Blind’s absence, Zieliński looked at the ball in the other direction.

Finally, in the 28th minute, “Lewy” went very deep into his own half and scored a “round” pass to the defender, which was unsuitable for a player of this class. A pass that clearly showed that the captain does not understand well with the rest – usually helpless compared to the Dutch national team.

After this loss Lewandowski went to the line to exchange a few comments with Michniewicz. The latter called Piotr Zieliński to his side in an instant.

The manager and the players had to make some changes and Lewandowski himself started to get away from the defenders, getting the ball into the opponent’s half more often – but he was even further from the opponent’s penalty area. And that was useful for the opponent.

Lewandowski didn’t come to the situation himself – one attempt to throw Krychowiak into him ended in a breakout from the first defender – but he still managed to create it with a good pass to Zalewski. It was then Zieliński accelerated, Lewandowski stepped back between the rival’s stoppers and defensive midfielders and played to the left. Zalewski got a shot, which was saved by Pasveer.

In the second half of the match, Arkadiusz Milik appeared on the field behind Karol Linetty, leaving Sebastian Szymański and Piotr Zieliński – two creative players – playing much lower from the depths of the field. It can take effect very quickly.

After another deep descent from Lewandowski and his ball recovery, Zieliński sent a fantastic pass to the right. Przemysław Frankowski scored past the goal and Milik should have equalized. This was all when Lewandowski was really far from the Dutch penalty area.

Moments later, Szymański had a chance, but the untapped opportunities quickly took revenge and the field was 0-2. And the game of “Biało-Czerwonych”, after a good end of the first half and the beginning of the second – “crashed” completely.

It was not until the 68th minute that Lewandowski made his first contact with the ball in the penalty area. However, he was far from taking a shot – “chased” to the side zone, he tried to cross, but was blocked.

And let this statistic – one pass sent into the penalty area to a sniper who scored 11 goals in eight Barcelona matches – serve as the most eloquent summary of our sniper’s use of potential in the game against the Netherlands.

Of course Robert Lewandowski himself did not play the best match today. But before we think about what? no shots fired and one contact with the ball in the penalty area of ​​”Lewy” are talking about the Barcelona player, let’s think what – in fact – they say about the Polish national team.

Wojciech Górski of PGE Narodowy in Warsaw

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